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Christmas day, when I sit down to open my gifts, Ill look at my family, and be thankful for what Ive got. This man, aswell as his music has impacted me beyond mention.

This here is an amazing man, an amazing and husband and father, who recently died in a motocrash.
He left behind his 5 year old daughter, Kenadee, and his wife.

Mitch wont be there in person for his baby girl to open her presents, or watch out for Santa or be there for her 6th birthday.
But he’ll be there in spirit. I know Mitch will be watching every moment of his baby girl and wife.

News has gotten out several ONE DIRECTION fans have told 5 year old Kenadee, to kill herself and her father deserved to die. Those people have been arrested. *Not every One Direction fan is like that*

Christmas day I will shed a tear or two, for a 5 year old baby girl, and her mother who lost a wonderful man.

I may even tweet Mitch Lucker, to say Merry Christmas, for for the hell of it.
Long live Suicide Silence, Mitch and his Family

(Source: jesusxfuck)

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